Myanmar Stage 0 National Environmental Flows Symposium/Workshop

Environmental flows is a completely new concept to Myanmar. A Stage 0 National environmental flows (eflows) symposium/workshop was set-up in Myanmar on 15th August to (1) build awareness of the need for environmental flows within water management, and (2) gain a baseline understanding of the policy/legislation, research and data, and capacity of institutions to start to work towards a national framework on environmental flows. The major partners for the project and the symposium were Yangon Technological University, IHE Delft, Charles Sturt University, IFC and WWF. The main output for now envisioned from the workshop is to develop a State of Knowledge (SOK) report to be used in defining further steps for eflows within Myanmar.

On Monday August 13, a researchers group; University Eflows and Ecosystem Services Research Working Group (consisting of YTU, MMU and MTU researchers) was formed and met at Inya Lake hotel to hold a mini workshop. Research projects, priorities, and partners (government, NGO) were discussed. On Wednesday August 15, a Stage 0 National environmental flows symposium/workshop was held. The symposium was attended by 135 delegates, and 60 delegates took part in the afternoon workshop. Reporters from 3 papers and television also attended. Delegates deemed it a very successful symposium/workshop and called for the development of a national framework for environmental flows.

Over 135 attended the symposium and 60 attended the technical workshop in the afternoon.

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